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Why Self-Discipline?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Self-discipline is an important skill that anyone wanting to achieve more in life should possess, and it is essential in every aspect of life. While most people recognize the benefits of self-discipline, very few do something to reinforce and grow this beneficial skill.

Contrary to popular beliefs, self-discipline is not being harsh to yourself or living a restrictive lifestyle, it is simply another form of self-control and self-care. It is also a sign of inner strength, and the ability to take charge of your actions, and your reactions. Self-discipline empowers you to stick to hard decisions and follow them without changing your mind.

One of the main characteristics of self-discipline is being capable of rejecting instant gratification and immediate enjoyment in favor of greater success, which is gained by being committed to achieving your goals!

Why self-discipline is important

The possession of self-discipline helps you to continue to work your plan and honor your decisions until you achieve them. This is the only way you will overcome self-inflicted barriers such as addictions, laziness, and procrastination.

Self-discipline is one of the most important ingredients for success in everything you do, from personal to professional goals. It is the ability not to give up no matter the setbacks or failures you are sure to run in to. In fact, it is an important pillar of stable, long-term success, and is a skill that will help you understand the importance of your life and the purpose for which you were created.

Life will always present challenges that cause bumps on the road to success, to rise above those challenges, you must face them with determination and perseverance. Lack of self-discipline leads to failure, relationship problems, and health issues. Just as some people have weak muscles, they can become strong with training, self-discipline allows you to become strong and focused. You can develop and strengthen this skill, through training, and you can start at any time.

Development of self-discipline will help you:

· Avoid carelessness.

· Keep the promises you make.

· Overcome negative behaviors such as laziness and procrastination.

· Engage in self-developing behaviors such as personal development courses and implementing what you learn.

· Being intentional about what you put in your body and your mind.

· Waking early in the morning.

· Meditating regularly.

If you keep working and developing the skill, you will become stronger, and will be better equipped to face challenging times and situations head on. On the other hand, if you do not challenge yourself in life, you will not gain self-discipline, nor will you achieve personal or professional success.


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About Angela M Mitchell

Angela M Mitchell AKA “The Mindset Maven” is the founder and CEO of Back to Her, Back to Her Wellness, a Certified Master Transformational Life Coach, a mental health advocate, an international best-selling author, and international speaker.

Angela also assists women entrepreneurs to acknowledge their struggles, change their mindset and the narrative of the stories they tell, so that they may become deliberate, not desperate, creators of their life's story.

She guides them through a process of self-discovery that leads them to transform their mind, body, and spirit, take back their power, reignite their passions and rediscover their God-Given purpose to achieve the success they desire in their personal and professional life.

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