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What Would You Do With Unlimited Resources?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Have you ever wanted to do something, but discouraged yourself because you didn’t think that you had what it takes to be successful? You told yourself that you didn’t have enough time, you didn’t have enough money, you didn’t have enough education, support, or experience, and blah, blah, blah. You had a terrible case of lack mindset syndrome. You made up excuse after excuse about why you couldn’t move forward so you just stayed stuck. The crazy part about all of this scenario is that if you are committed to doing what it is that will bring you the level of success you desire then it won’t be an issue. You will find the time and the money; you will also understand that you are enough, and you have all the resources you need.

You can get started where you are with what you have and in time, resources can be found. Every business, new life, etc., has to start somewhere.

The power of believing you have unlimited resources:

1. What could you accomplish if you had unlimited resources? Take a few minutes to consider how you would live your life if you had everything you needed, (not wanted). Would you go back to school? Start your own company? Retire early? You see that you have unlimited options, these are just a few. The only limits in this or any case are those that you have put in your mind. Think big and go get what you want.

· This can be an excellent way to determine your life’s purpose. If all obstacles were removed, what would you choose to do?

2. Who would you have in your life? Would you be alone or married, boyfriend, girlfriend? How many friends would you have? What kind of friends would you have? Kids, no kids?

3. Where would you live? Would you stay where you are or move to another city, state, country? How many homes would you own? What color would your dining room be?

4. What would your typical day entail? Would you sleep in or get up at your usual time? How would you spend your day if you had all that you needed?

5. You know what you should be doing, so how will you make it happen? You might not have unlimited resources at your disposal right now, but there are steps that you can take to change that.

· If you want to get a better job then look for training or educational programs, you can do most things online now so that should make things a little easier for you. If you want to start a business, look for low or no-cost resources to get you started.

· As you progress, your understanding and your resources will grow. You will learn as you go and will unlock access to more of the tools that you need to be successful.

Even with unlimited resources will still struggle if you haven’t changed your mindset from lack to that of abundance, so having unlimited resources isn’t a guarantee. Avoid believing that is the cure to your struggles.

So maybe you don’t have all the resources that you need right now, visualizing your goals will not only help to create a new set of solutions, but it can also put you on the right path to rediscovering your life’s purpose.

Stop limiting yourself. What would you do with unlimited resources?


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About The Author

Angela M Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Back to her. She is also a Certified Master Life & Personal Development Coach, a mental health advocate, and a Co-Author in the international best-selling collaborative masterpiece, The Image in The Mirror. She received a degree in Healthcare Administration from Bryant and Stratton College and has since dedicated her life to advocating for women who live with mental health disorders.

Angela also assists women entrepreneurs to acknowledge their struggles, change the narrative of the stories they tell, and rewrite them so that they can become deliberate, not desperate, creators of their own life's story.

She guides them through a process of self-discovery that leads them to reignite their passions and to rediscover their God-Given purpose so that they can achieve the success they desire in their personal and professional life.

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