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Meet Chef Shania Elliott-McDowell

Updated: May 29

The Woman on Purpose spotlight is dedicated to recognizing and shouting out sisters who are out here building businesses, raising families, supporting communities, impacting lives, and every wonderful thing that women do every day. We are celebrating their wholeness and the Divine Feminine Energy that birthed and nurtures this world. We see you sister, and we salute you!

This month we are kicking this special tribute series with Charlotte, North Carolina businesswoman Chef Shania Elliott-McDowell, of Decadent Chefs. With a rebranding and relaunch in the works, I wanted to learn a little more about this Woman on Purpose and her business.

Shania has been in love with cooking ever since she was a young girl hanging out and cooking with her father and grandmother. She would get excited when it was time to visit her grandma because she knew they would be in the kitchen for hours preparing all sorts of delicious Jamaican meals.

She absorbed it all like a sponge and was soon whipping up her own versions of her grandmother’s dishes. Fast forward to January 2001, Shania joined the military, and her cooking career began well before she decided to pursue a culinary arts degree, where she would cook for the next three years.

Quickly moving up the ranks, Shania cross-trained from supply to administration before having her daughter, who had major health issues, which led to her taking medical leave for a year. She decided to take a leap of faith and enrolled at Johnson and Wales University where she obtained an associate degree in Culinary Arts.

After being discharged in 2012 she went on to open Decadent Chefs and the rest in delicious culinary history. Shania now serves the people of Charlotte and the surrounding areas healthy meals that melt in your mouth and are good for you too. If you're in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, do yourself a favor and check her out! This up-and-coming culinary sensation is one to watch!

Decadent Chef’s services include virtual guided grocery shopping, pantry makeovers, reviving the refrigerator, and meal prepping.” She is also a personal chef and will come to you and prepare that special meal for that special occasion.

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