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Let’s Reverse Negative Thinking Patterns

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

If you want to make a change to your life, the number one way to do so is by reversing your negative thinking patterns. I know it’s easier said than done and thought patterns which are deeply ingrained in your mind can be difficult to reverse. But if you commit to the process, you can do it. Below are some tips to help you reverse negative thinking patterns so that you can go on to live a happier and more positive life.

Address Your Inner Critic

How many times a day do you think bad things about yourself? How many times do you tell yourself that you’re not smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough? And how do you feel after you think these things? Pretty bad right? Especially since our life reflects the thoughts and beliefs that we have. It’s time to put these critical thoughts to rest and replace them with thoughts that empower and inspire you to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Every time you have a thought which is negative or critical of you and your capabilities, ask yourself if that thought is true.

And if you answer yes, then ask yourself if you have evidence to back up that thought. What has prompted you to dishonor yourself in such a way? Whatever it is, the thought is clearly false and isn’t true. You can also to just stop critical thoughts in their tracks and star telling yourself that you won’t be engaging in those thoughts anymore.

Know What Triggers You

There are likely certain activities, people, places, etc. in your everyday life that will trigger negative thought patterns. A good example is looking in the mirror and thinking you aren’t good-looking enough. If looking in the mirror is what triggers you, it’s time to avoid spending time standing and staring into the glass. Another could be someone that brings up feelings of not being good enough, someone that you are always trying to please. Those are the type of folks you should avoid at all costs.

Now, you can’t always avoid looking in the mirror, but once you know your triggers, you can prepare yourself in advance with mantras and other positive affirmations so that you don’t allow those negative thoughts to creep in the minute you start the activity or when you’re around the person or people that trigger you.


Another excellent way to combat negative thinking patterns is by writing about them. Sometimes you may not even be aware of all the negative thoughts which may go through your head during a single day. And, while these thoughts may seem serious in your mind, they may seem a lot less serious on paper, and this can often be therapeutic for you.

So, every evening resolve to sit down with your journal and work through your thoughts from the day. Or you could start your day by journaling about your plans for the day and how you will avoid or cope with those negative and self-defeating thoughts and feelings. This is also a good time to develop a mantra or other positive affirmations and countermeasures to help you better deal with the negative thinking patterns when you are away from your journal the next day.

Change Your Surroundings

When you feel as if your thoughts are taking over your mind and you can’t seem to quiet them down, this is when you should definitely take a break from your surroundings. This doesn’t mean you need to move out of your home or anything crazy, (unless you really have to in order to preserve your sanity), but sometimes just stepping out of the room you are in can help. A good idea is to head out for a walk-in nature, or meet a friend for a meal, as both of these activities will help distract you from the negative thoughts until your more rational side can take over.

Even if you can’t leave your surroundings, even just changing what you are doing to something else can help. Take a break from what is frustrating you and do something you enjoy. This is a great time to work in meditation or exercise into your daily routine as you take a break from your frustrations.

Wrap it up

No matter how you look at it, negative thinking patterns which have been ingrained in your mind can be difficult to escape. But if you start developing positive affirmations and intentionally change your thought process, you’ll quickly find yourself on the road to positivity and experiencing a life that you love.

And don’t forget to use the powers of journaling and changing your surroundings as you work through breaking out of the trap of negative thinking.

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About Angela M Mitchell

Angela M Mitchell is an author, speaker, and the founder and CEO of Back to her. She is also a Certified Master Life & Personal Development Coach, a mental health advocate, and a Co-Author in the international best-selling collaborative masterpiece, The Image in The Mirror. She received a degree in Healthcare Administration from Bryant and Stratton College and is dedicated to advocating for women who live with mental health disorders.

Angela also assists women entrepreneurs to acknowledge their struggles, change the narrative of the stories they tell, and rewriting them so that they can become deliberate, not desperate, creators of their own life's story.

She guides them through a process of self-discovery that leads them to reignite their passions and to rediscover their God-Given purpose so that they can achieve the success they desire in their personal and professional life.

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