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Do You Really Want to Change?

Updated: May 20, 2021

Believe it or not, it is not only possible but common for someone to consciously convince themselves that they want to change their life. They spend their time trying to show and prove to other people that they want to do something more, but subconsciously put all their effort into keeping everything exactly as it is.

They even go through all the motions of starting a new class, joining a new group, starting a new job, etc They do everything in their power to create the façade of progress or change, only to consistently find some insurmountable challenge when it gets close to a start date that prevents them from following through.

Why would anyone do that? I asked myself that a thousand times because I did this a thousand times. It was always the same cycle of planning, starting, almost there, then nothing!


Fear is the biggest reason that most people don’t follow through.

Fear of what?

● Fear of success

● Fear of failure

● Fear of what their spouse, family, and whomever else they are trying to impress, might think, say or do.

● Or all of the above

These people are unhappy, unmotivated, and unfulfilled. They are living lives that are totally out of alignment with their life’s purpose and have yet to take the leap to get there. They know exactly what they need to do, but never manage to get it done. They are often loners who have lots of friends and contacts, but they live their lives almost entirely in their own heads. Sound familiar?

Anxiety creates that fear of the unknown that change brings. It keeps them crippled and cowering in the corner and they can’t seem to get away from that fear. It’s far beyond any they’ve ever felt, and they think of the worse possible outcome and end up talking themselves out of making the next move. So, nothing changes.

This vicious circle of starting and then stopping, over and over again, will cause low self-confidence, low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression, which reinforces their overwhelming desire to keep everything the same, no matter how good a new future might look.

Does this scenario describe you? If so, what can you do about it?

Is There a Solution?

One of the best ways to break this pattern is to focus on your passion and move into your purpose. There are people that are assigned to you and it is your mission to serve them. When you are in alignment with your God-Given potential, there is no fear or depressed feelings. You are sharing what you have with the people that need it most, those who cannot fulfill their ambitions on their own, you are responsible to them, they depend on you, and you cannot let them down.

When you are not working for your own personal reward, you tend to feel a greater sense of pride and purpose. The feeling is so strong, so compelling, that your anxiety and fear decrease and your self-esteem and self-confidence grow.

You’ll enjoy strong feelings of accomplishment and, in turn, fulfillment, you’ll find yourself in a place of happiness that you’ve never experienced before, and that your peace is in your purpose.

Make a Decision and Take Action

Through experience, you learn that when you decide and take action, you move forward. You’ll recognize that you only have one life, and you can live it best and most fully by making decisions and taking action that will change your life for the better.

You’ll also acknowledge that doing things for someone else allows you to fully engage your gifts and talents in a way that you could never have experienced while just working for yourself.

When you find purpose in all that you do, you will also realize that the fear evaporated long ago, and now you can actually feel a sense of pride in your work that was never there before.

By helping others, you’ll come to understand that it doesn’t even matter if you make a wrong decision or take the wrong action. You can always make another decision and take another action and correct it.

The most important thing is that you keep making the tough decisions so you can keep moving forward… It’s the only way to effect change in anything.

The biggest changes will be the ones you experience in yourself, but you may not always notice until others point them out. You are so talented, and you have no idea how gifted you really are until you see other peoples’ lives improved because of your actions.

That’s when you’ll get to see your true, authentic self show up in your smile as you look forward to finally being able to start creating the future you desire while helping others do the same!

Does anything in the article resonate with you? Feel free to talk about it in the comments!

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