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3 Ways a Digital Marketing Strategy Can Transform Your Business

Updated: Feb 15

Digital marketing is essential for all businesses. The majority of interactions, communications, product research, and purchasing take place online. It is a given that when we say marketing, we are generally referring to digital marketing. But many small business owners, even though they understand the importance of digital marketing, don’t have a strategy.

Digital marketing is too important to leave to chance. You need a clear plan and road map. Businesses understand they need social media or SEO, for example, but then they just jump in. They have multiple social media accounts and pepper their content with ‘best guess’ keywords.

To get the full benefits of digital marketing, you need to develop a strategy. Here are three ways a digital marketing strategy will completely transform your business.

Gain a Sense of Direction

A strategy will provide clear direction for your digital marketing, making it more effective and powerful. Before you dive into tactics, you’ll name your goals, get to know your audience, and revisit your branding. This will allow you to choose the tactics that will yield the most results for your business and establish realistic objectives for each.

You won’t waste time on channels that don’t resonate with your audience. And you won’t struggle, unsure of what’s working or what’s not. A strategy provides you with a road map and a way to recognize if you’ve strayed off the path.

All your digital marketing tasks will be guided by your strategy. It will make decision-making much easier, and you won’t be tempted to follow ‘the next big thing’ in digital marketing.

Get to Know Your Audience Better

A clearly formulated digital marketing strategy will help you gather data on your audience faster and more efficiently. You will know what you’re looking for and will quickly learn what works and what doesn’t. You’ll understand their pain points and detect any subtle shifts in behavior sooner than you would without a concrete strategy.

You’ll gain a sense of what they’re searching for, what content gets more likes, what free digital marketing products get their attention, the questions they want to be answered, but it will also, and so much more.

By interacting with them via social media, email, or conversational marketing, you’ll get insight into what matters to them. You’ll have both numbers and audience sentiment to inform your decisions going forward. This will not only help your marketing, but it will also help you refine and improve your products and services.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne, Founder of Marketoonist

Increase Your ROI

Creating a strategy BEFORE you jump into any marketing method will lead to increased engagement, more meaningful interactions with your audience, and in turn, more profits.

You’ll know what products to offer and what messaging to use in your marketing. Because you can measure the results of every tactic, your digital marketing efforts will be more cost-effective. Now it's time to focus on what works and adjust when necessary.

No more spending on ads featuring keywords that your audience isn’t searching for. No more wasting hours creating written content when it’s been proven that your audience prefers videos and infographics.

Getting Started

Get clear about your digital marketing goals and get to know your audience. Then, choose the best digital marketing channels and tactics for your business. Stick to the basics at first and then build upon those once you have feedback and data.

Are you ready to learn about how you can create a solid digital marketing strategy that aligns with YOUR business goals? Download your copy of my "Marketing Your Business in a Digital World" report to get started.

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