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8 Myths About Anxiety Debunked

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Do you feel like you’re struggling with too many worries and anxious thoughts? Do they interfere with your sleep, your ability to complete daily tasks without worry, and keep you from enjoying the life you deserve?

Please know that you are not alone! Millions of people in our country are stressed out and worry needlessly. A lot of times women tend to bare the brunt of the worries, such as raising kids, maintaining a household, balancing work and personal life, and on it goes.

There are times when a woman has to hold things down by herself because she’s by herself, and others when she is simply not receiving the support she needs. Whatever the scenario, we wear ourselves out with worry and anxiousness, a lot of times suffering in silence.

You don’t have to suffer in silence my sister, you don’t have to wait around hoping that your worries will just go away. There are things you can do to alleviate your struggles!

Learn more about anxiety and the myths that surround it:

Ø Myth: Anxiety isn’t a real illness. Although there isn’t a specific medical test that will diagnose your anxiety, all of your worries and the physical consequences that go with them are very real. If your worries are negatively impacting your life, you can get help and take steps to treat it.

Ø Myth: You can pass out when having a panic attack. A panic attack won't cause you to pass out, as fainting will usually occur when there is a drop in blood pressure. The opposite occurs when you experience a panic attack, with your heart rate and blood pressure increasing.

Ø Myth: You should avoid stressful situations if you suffer from anxiety. If only it were that simple. The issue with this logic is that it is nearly impossible to avoid stressful situations. Life is full of stressful, and oftentimes unexpected, situations that you simply cannot avoid.

o Trying to avoid situations that cause stress can actually make anxiety worse, because you are constantly looking for something stressful to happen so that you can avoid them.

o However, you can learn coping mechanisms and techniques that can help you to deal effectively with these situations.

Ø Myth: Some people just worry and cannot be treated. While there are some people who stress more than others, there are plenty of treatment options, both holistic and traditional available for all cases.

Ø Myth: Anxiety disorders are rare. There are times when you may think that you are the only person that suffers from such worries, but as many as one in five struggles with an anxiety disorder.

o Many people feel that they are alone with their struggle, and if they don’t get help, they will continue feeling alone.

Ø Myth: My anxiety will get better on its own. Many people put off treatment for anxiety because they are able to go about their daily lives without too much of an issue. It’s only going to get worse over time though.

o It’s important to get treatment and learn coping mechanisms - the sooner, the better, because you don’t have to suffer.

Ø Myth: I only need a little drink to get through this. Sometimes we can be tempted to choose to self-medicate to get through a stressful event, and we decide to take a drink or use a recreational drug.

o This may work short term, but there is a good chance that over time you will become addicted, and you’ll still be anxious.

o You should also think about the additional health risks associated with these choices.

Ø Myth: You can overcome anxiety overnight if you want to. If you have ever heard someone say to just “get over it” when it comes to your anxiety struggles, then they likely don’t really understand how much worry and fear that anxiety can cause.

o This lack of support may lead to you avoiding the subject entirely and cause you to continue to suffer in silence.

o Seek treatment to help overcome your worries. A professional counselor or therapist understands that your worries are real and how they can debilitate you. Try alternative methods such as meditation and mindfulness to supplement other treatments. Seek a coach who specializes in guiding people through these struggles, they will have techniques that can help you as well.

Anxiety can be a serious condition if left untreated and can prevent you from living a fulfilled life. Don’t let these anxiety myths stop you from seeking appropriate treatment and improving

the quality of your life.


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About Angela M Mitchell

Angela M Mitchell is a Certified Master Life & Personal Development Coach, a mental health advocate, founder of Back To Her, and a Co-Author in the international best-selling collaborative masterpiece The Image in The Mirror. She assists women entrepreneurs who are experiencing emotional overwhelm to acknowledge their struggles, change the narrative, and rewrite their life stories so that they can become deliberate, not desperate creators of their life's story. Angela resides in Buffalo, NY and is the mother of three and grandmother of


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