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7 Ways to Turn Worry into Excitement about Getting Things Done

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

We all worry sometimes; you’ve probably even got a few worries on your mind right now. Maybe it’s a relationship issue or a situation at work causing you trouble. Or maybe you’re worried about your health or whether you’ll have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month. Whatever the case, worry happens whether we intend for it to or not. The problem is when you allow worrying to take over your life.

So, what is the goal? What if, instead of worrying, you become excited, then use this excitement to get more done?

Let’s check out these seven ways to let that worry go:

Be Here Now

Worry keeps you stuck and unable to move forward. Either you’re worried about something from your past, or you’re caught up worrying about something that has not or may not happen. Neither will get you anywhere, so stop worrying and focus on the present. What interests you right now?

Realize This Gets You Nowhere Fast

Worrying stops you dead in your tracks.. In fact, a lot of the time, procrastination is caused by worrying. So, why are you wasting your time and energy worrying? Sometimes just recognizing what a waste of time it is, will be enough to derail it altogether. Especially when you have better places to be.

Throw Yourself into Something Interesting

Worry needs your attention to survive; it will starve if you ignore it. Get busy doing something that engages your mind, and you’ll find you forget about whatever you were worrying about.

Rewrite the Script

If you’re seeing everything blow up around you, you may try focusing on the perceived disaster. Ask yourself how you could do things to handle the situation were it to happen. Once you have it, practice the scenario in your mind. Picture yourself handling the tough things without being overwhelmed or stressed.


Worried about something you need to do later? Walk through it in your mind first; that will make things go smoother and keep worries at bay.


Challenge your worry. Dig in and get to the roots until you understand your worry intimately. Ask yourself where the negativity came from. Peel back the layers until you get down into the heart of the matter.

Try a New Path

In the end, worry can become very attached to the familiar. Challenge yourself. Find a different way to do things. Explore where this path takes you.

The main point in all of these is to enjoy the journey. This is where you find excitement and enthusiasm, which leads to getting things done. The rest is all momentum and many brand-new accomplishments just waiting to happen.


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