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5 Ways Writing a Book Can Help You Start or Grow Your Business

Updated: May 11

Writing books might seem like a sometimes-impossible task, but it can provide a starting point for a new business, as it has for me, or impressive results for the growth of your current business with minimal effort on your part. These are just five ways I have started and grown a business by writing a book, and how you can do it too.

1. Profits from Book Sales

Revenue from book sales can be can reinvested into your business, which of course can fuel growth. Not only can you gain better exposure online, but you’ll also able to hire people to help you do the things that tie up your time and keep you away from the aspects of your business you are most passionate about. Leveraging your time and talents this way alone makes writing a book well worth the time and effort it took to get it written.

2. Gain New Clients, Followers, and Subscribers

There is a certain amount of prestige that goes along with writing a book. Whether an anthology or a full book you will gain a great deal of respect your target audience simply for having a book available in the marketplace.

This respect leads to new social media followers, email subscribers, and paying clients who need the invaluable service you provide. It all started with a blank page you filled with possibilities for yourself and your future clients.

3. Expand Your Expertise

The fact that you’ve written a book on a subject makes you an expert in the field, but the value of doing so goes deeper than that. In the process of writing your book, you’ve become a subject matter expert in your field. You’ve put in the time doing research, expanding your knowledge, and breaking it down into digestible information to share with your readers. You can also use your life’s story as a catalyst for leading you down the path that will take you to those who you have been called to serve. That will draw more people to you and your book, as well as to n your brand, which can turn your audience into loyal and avid readers who want what you have to offer, even giving them the motivation to improve their own lives.

4. Increased Opportunities for Exposure

Exposure comes in many forms. When you write a book, you get even more exposure on multiple fronts. This means you’ll have the opportunity to tell your story to an even wider audience and serve the people you were put here to serve.

· Book launch parties

· Interviews

· Speaking engagements

· Book signings

· Library visits

These are just the beginning. Once you’ve settled into life after the first book, you might even want to consider increasing your exposure by working on a follow-up book, granting interviews, or booking speaking engagements.

5. Expands Your Reach, Allowing You to Help More People Quickly

Writing a book and sharing your story won’t solve all the challenges your clients may face; it can be instrumental, though, in helping you to expand your ability to help others while also expanding your own customer base and bottom line at the same time.

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Angela M Mitchell, AKA Coach Angie, is an innovative, dynamic, driven, and gifted individual with a sharp mind. She has a natural ability to connect with others and a passion and fire for excellence. She is a best-selling author, speaker, coach, and result-oriented digital marketer and content creator.

Over the last five years, she has provided innovative and transformational business strategies and marketing solutions for several brands, including her own, in various industries, improving their profitability.

She is the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for Victorious You Press and has an extensive background in email marketing, content creation, social media marketing, copywriting, digital marketing, brand development, and more. And she is passionate about helping companies position themselves for long-term sustainable growth while creating an unmatched customer experience.

Angela is also the founder and CEO of Back to Her, where she teaches and supports women entrepreneurs and service-based business owners to eliminate mindset barriers, identify their expertise, and create profitable brands. She does this through personal and professional development programs that empower them to be the highest and most truthful expression of themselves.

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