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5 Reasons to Live in the Now

It's easy to get caught up in planning your future. You work your fingers to the bone to make sure you can live comfortably in your old age. Yes, it’s important to plan for a secure and happy future, and you can't get there if you don’t work for it now. However, the truth is that you can’t devote every moment of your limited time on this earth to a time that may or may not come. When you do it can interfere with your ability to focus on the here and now, and this can be one of the things that will trigger anxious thoughts and the behavior that follows.

Right now, at this very moment, you can begin to enjoy your everyday life, which by the way is flashing unnoticed right before your eyes. You can prepare yourself, but let the future come naturally and live joyfully and willingly in the present moment!

Consider these five reasons that you should start living in the here and now:

1. Each day, you grow older. Each day of your life can be as monumental as you choose to make it, but each day only happens once. Every moment of every day, you're given a chance to make a lasting memory. Pick one and create a memory that you'll be proud to share.

· Your fate is up to you. If you’re concerned about the future, you can start paving the road for it today. That road starts by living your life to the fullest degree and in alignment with your purpose at this moment so you feel fulfilled in the years to come.

2. You replace worry with contentment. With the future comes uncertainty, and that can sometimes be scary, which is what leads to the anxiety you feel when you focus on the what-ifs of tomorrow. However, by being mindful of today, you'll stop worrying about what's to come, (or not,) and focus on enjoying your reality.

3. You get to know yourself. Your wants, needs, and interests are constantly evolving. If you're wrapped up in tomorrow, you may never truly get to know the person you are today.

· By defining yourself in the here and now, you're able to figure out what you want. That can be a catalyst for getting back your lost passion and can take you to the why of your existence.

4. You spend more time with your loved ones. If you're a parent, you know better than anyone that those precious moments disappear in a blink of an eye. One minute you're changing your first diaper, and before you know it you’re watching your children create lives of their own.

· Spending time with your children is obviously important but you must also devote time and attention to your spouse or significant other. When you nurture your marital relationship, you build a solid and loving foundation for your children to feel that love as well.

5. You experience all life has to offer. You only die once but you live every day so it’s important to live like you want to be alive and maximize every moment by experiencing each one to its fullest. Take advantage of the time and youth that you have on your side now, before it's too late to do it later.

· This is the time to be spontaneous. Take your family on a random, weekend vacation. Hop in the care for a road trip with your girls, surprise your spouse with a romantic getaway. These are memories you'll cherish for a lifetime!

Life is beautiful! It's joyous and full of abundance. So many meaningful things happen in your everyday existence. However, if your mind is trapped in the future and full of anxiety, all of these events will slip by before you even notice that they're gone. Live in the now!

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