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Hey Sista!

Are you ready to hit the reset button on this second half of your life and start living with purpose? It's time to say goodbye to regret and "what if" and hello to a life filled with abundance, health, and happiness. It's time to reinvent yourself girl!

Let's face it; we've all been there. We look back on our lives and wonder if we've made the right choices, which has us regretting some of the decisions we've made. To top it off, we've been carrying around the negative energy that regrets cause for too long. But guess what? It's NEVER too late to start over!

Join us on this 14-day challenge to reinvent yourself and unleash your inner goddess! She is just waiting for you! Over these 14 days we will get into what is important and vital to making your next half your best half!  You Will:


  • Reinvent Your Health: Become more mindful of what you put in your body

  • Reinvent Your Fitness: Get moving, start exercising,

  • Reinvent Your Mindset: Transform any thoughts or beliefs that are keeping you stagnant,

  • Reinvent Your Life: Add many more years to your life, and a lot more life to your years!

You know that stress will take you out of here right? But by focusing on positive thoughts, you can improve your brain health and ward off cognitive decline. It's time to stop stressing over the past and start living for the present and future!

The key to success in this challenge is reigniting your passion, rediscovering your purpose, and reclaiming your time! Together, we'll go through the process of identifying your life priorities and creating a clear and definite purpose for your life. There is so much left to do, dreams left to fulfill, and lives to impact! Just imagine reflecting on your life at age 100 and knowing that you've lived with purpose and passion!

So what are you waiting for? This new journey of REDISCOVERY, RE-IGNITION,and REINVENTION starts on May 22nd.

Join today, and let's discover the art of womanhood at 50 and beyond!

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